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From searching the state's citizen and vehicles database, filling documents for investigations, court, and a map of your colleagues and dispatches. All that and more is (mostly) ready in this net, the FiveNet.

Features of FiveNet

Search Citizens

Search and find information about Citizens, including basic info, their licenses and related documents.

Vehicle Register

Search and find information about Vehicles.

Document Management

Search, create and manage Documents, using templates or from scratch.


Infos about your job and employee management (e.g., conduct register, timeclock).


A calendar for each individual and factions, with a RSVP functionality.


Live position of dispatches and your colleagues.

Dispatch Center

Dispatch Center, for dispatching Dispatches to colleagues, managing units and dispatches.

Multi-Language UI

Multiple languages available for the UI.

Nuxt 3 + Nuxt UI Pro

Powered by Nuxt 3 and Nuxt UI Pro for optimal performance.

Open Source

FiveNet's code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

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