Required Tooling

  • Golang 1.21 or higher
    • The assumption is that your PATH contains $GOPATH/bin.
  • pnpm (yarn is only used for generating the license disclaimer)
  • protoc
    • Depending on your OS, Deb-based libprotobuf-dev, Fedora: protobuf-dev
  • protoc-gen-go (might be available via your OSes package manager):
    • go install
    • go install
  • protoc-gen-js: Run pnpm in the root of the repository to install this and other dependencies.
  • protoc-gen-grpc-web: Download and install the latest release from
  • protoc-gen-validate: Download and install the latest release from
  • protoc-go-inject-tag: Run go install
  • protoc-gen-doc: Run go install
  • go-licenses: Run go install

Codium/ VSCode Users

Make sure to use the "Vue - Official" extension version v2.0.0 or higher.

GRPC Web Debugging in your Browser

You must use this forked version: Github jrapoport/grpc-web-devtools.

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