User Activity

Entry Structure

  • Built-in
    • DocStore.Relation- If newValue set, user mention has been added.
      • If oldValue set, user mention has been removed.
    • UserProps.Job* newValue contains the job and rank "pre-formatted" (e.g., LSMD (Rettungsassistent)).
    • UserProps.TrafficInfractionPoints* oldValue old points and newValue new points.
    • UserProps.Wanted* newValue new wanted state, oldValue previous wanted state.
    • UserProps.MugShot* oldValue contains the previous URL if any image was set.
      • newValue contains the new URL or empty if removed.
    • UserProps.Attributes* oldValue removed attributes.
      • newValue added attributes.
  • External ("Plugin")
    • Plugin.Licenses- Fields:
      • reason: Label of license
      • Add/Given: If newValue is set, user was given a license.
      • Remove/Revoked: If oldValue is set, user got license revoked.
    • Plugin.Billing.Fines * Sent: If newValue equal 0, bill has been paid. * Paid: If oldValue = newValue, bill has been removed/cleared. * Removed: If newValue set, bill has been created.
    • Plugin.Jail* Jailed: If oldValue is empty and newValue > 0, player has been jailed for newValue time (seconds).
      • Unjailed: If newValue is 0, player has been unjailed by "police"/"admin" (in reason).
      • Escaped: If oldValue is 0, player has escaped (police notification triggered).

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