Using Docker

1. Install Docker Engine and Docker Compose

You need Docker Engine, as the container runtime, and Docker Compose to easily run FiveNet using containers.

Please use one of the many guides available on the internet to install Docker Engine and Docker Compose on your server, e.g.,

Depending on your server's operating system, make sure to start the Docker Daemon using systemctl start docker .

To check that Docker and Docker Compose is ready you can use the following commands:

docker version
docker-compose version

You can now continue to the next step of preparing the docker-compose.yml for your case.

2. Prepare docker-compose.yml

Container images are available from fivenet-app/fivenet registry.

Checkout the docker-compose.yml as a starting point for you.

To build the FiveNet container image yourself, you need to have the development requirements setup.

2.3. Prepare FiveNet Config

Checkout configuration page.

3. Run FiveNet

Run the server, worker and other components either via the docker-compose.yaml or manually via binary.

4. Add FiveNet Plugin to your FiveM gameserver

Plugin code can be found here.

You must add event triggers to your ESX plugins accordingly, as not all events that FiveNet collects are available in the standard ESX plugin codes.

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