Getting Started


Must have

  • MySQL 5.7+ or MariaDB 10.0+ database - This will be the same database that your FiveM gameserver uses.* Make sure that your database table structure is following the below structure (the structure is based on recent ESX versions).
    • Fulltext search - Needs to be available.
  • NATS message queue server or cluster (prefered)
    • With JetStream and memory storage enabled (you probably also want to have at least 3 to 20MB of memory storage available).
  • Storage space: Either local filesystem directory or S3 bucket storage. - Used for avatars, faction logs and more.
  • Livemap Leaflet tiles
    • Generated using gdal2tiles-leaflet or similar. The map source image is expected to be 16384x16384 in resolution.
    • To be able to generate the tiles, you must have the map file in the ./internal/maps/ directory. You can use make gen-tiles to generate the tiles.


  • Tracing: For OpenTelemetry based tracing support.
    • Currently only Jaeger is supported as an exporter target.
  • For Development:
    • Nuxt UI Pro license - If you want to make changes to FiveNet's code and built your own images from "scratch" you need a Nuxt UI Pro license key. Recommendation is to use the official FiveNet images as your base.

Database Structure

This is a list of expected tables and their columns:

jobs Table

  • name
  • label

job_grades Table

  • job_name
  • grade
  • name
  • label

licenses Table

  • type
  • label

owned_vehicles Table

  • owner - varchar(64) NOT NULL
  • plate
  • type
  • model (Optional, can be overriden via database.custom.columns.user.visum config option)

users Table

  • id - int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT
  • identifier - varchar(64) NOT NULL
  • group
  • firstname
  • lastname
  • dateofbirth
  • job
  • job_grade
  • sex
  • height
  • phone_number
  • visum (Optional, can be overriden via database.custom.columns.user.visum config option)
  • playtime (Optional, can be overriden via database.custom.columns.user.playtime config option)

user_licenses Table

  • type
  • owner - varchar(64) NOT NULL

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